Learning “Skitch” in a Sitch


Wow! Where do I even begin? Not only is this app very user friendly, it’s full of an array of features and uses that make it easily transferable to the classroom environment!

You are able to upload pictures or use a blank page to draw, add text and manipulate. A teacher could create a math question and share it with all of her students in order for them to answer the math and show their work. The students can then share it back and have the teacher mark it. This would be a great app to use for exit slips, sharing picture, fill in the blank diagrams etc.

A few things that were difficult were resizing text and making different words different colors (because it tried to make the text all the same color).

This was very easy and straightforward to understand which is why it would cause very few complications for students as well. I also see this as a great way to send students extra work when they are finding certain ideas difficult because of how easily you can send a question or expand a question. This app would be awesome to use while going through a slide (on the different part of the plant) and have students (if technology is available) label all the parts on the Skitch you shared with them) and then go over it as a class on the smartboard.

Below are a few examples of the work I did on this app and how it can be used for a variety of ages!



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