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One thing the majority of the education blogs had in common was that blogging is only that, time consuming and not worth your time if you don’t open your mind to it. Blogging is beneficial to everyone, parents, teacher, students and community members. Learning what teachers are doing, how students are reacting, and how schools are responding to new changes around the globe is as easy as looking at a blog. Blog can come in many formats and forms, however they all create some time of reflection upon blogging. Blogging is easy and has a negative stigma attached to, when it is a great way to share/ learn and reflect on information. Technology must be embraced in the educational world because it is a great, easy way to share information quickly. However many decide to avoid technology because they don’t know how to effectively use it, find it too time-consuming and even distracting. No one is an expert at using and manipulating technology, however having a positive mind and raying your best is all you can do. Technology, specifically blogs, apps and social media are a great way to incorporate students in discussion and understanding, as well as incorporating the multiple intelligences with in the classroom.

  1. (her updated blog I really enjoyed this blog because it is a REAL teacher who decided to life-long learn, even when it seems that you have no extra time. She is realistic and sets reachable goals for herself in order to improve for her students. I love the innovate like a turtle idea, learning something new two to three times a week for merely fifteen minutes! She is an inspiration of change, learning and growing along with the world.
  2. Not only am I an aspiring middle school teacher, but I love hearing teachers talk about the real life problems with in their class, not just the curricular. This teacher’s most recent post was about Anxiety and Depression in her students and how to teach that to her students indirectly through her science class. She posts pictures, wordless and talks like a teacher that wants to both share her ideas and thoughts, as well as gain insights to things she has little knowledge about. Her blog is very personal and  always has interesting topics such as about the summer slide, sharing great sights she has found and fun ideas to liven up her classroom!
  3. This website is a great one because it is geared towards new teachers! Not only does the blog feel inspiring and that teaching is a wonderful career and manageable! The mental and physical health of the teacher themselves is talked about by sleep, breakfast and how to have great time-management. This site does not strictly talk about education, but it is about curriculum, technology, the life of a teacher, global awareness etc.! This is a very reflective blog and has a wide variety of topics that are of interest! Not only is this a realistic blog, it makes you feel welcome by being so relatable.

3 thoughts on “The Blogisphere

  1. Nice job Chloe! Ive read the same blog CoolCatTeacher. I too enjoyed her article about being innovative like a turtle. I specifically understood her to be saying how to take time in every classroom you enter, and always be innovative no matter your environment. Well done on your blog post, I look forward to following you journey to be a teacher. 🙂
    – Miss Krystin Carroll


  2. Hi Chloe!
    I love your blog, all of the pictures make it so personable! I also read the Rookie Teacher and was consumed by it because of how relateable it was. Crazy how there are hundreds of blogs out there and we chose the same one. One thing that stood out to me about this blog was that it was a collaboration blog which I had not seen before. A question that I thought of while reading was if the authors of this blog should continue this blog as they become more experienced or if they should hand it off to new ‘rookie teachers’. What are your thoughts on this?
    You comment on how this blog is very welcoming, and I have to admit that I felt the exact same way reading through yours as well! Keep up the great work!
    -Kaity Letwiniuk


  3. Hi Chloe! I was unable to find the comment section directly on your blog post regarding Interactive Websites but I wanted to let you know that your blog was great! It was very in depth, more in depth then we were required to do for the assignment. Well done. You are very enthusiastic about the websites which shows you were interested in them and will use them in your future class. The fact that you related technology to learning and making learning fun was awesome. Overall great post!


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